HOTEL LA RESIDENCE has put special measures and health protocols in place in order to prevent the spread of Covid, following Government and UMIH recommendations, as follows :

Signs and markings are in place to assist your movements.

May we thank you in advance for respecting social distancing and other preventive measures we have put in place.



  • The wearing of mask is obligatory in all communal areas of the hotel.
  • A special area has been designated for depositing keys to await disinfecting.
  • A protection screen has been installed at the desk.
  • A line on the floor marks a one-metre distance between clients at reception and arrows indicate the direction to follow.
  • Frequent cleaning is in place to disinfect all door handles, lift buttons, switches, reception furniture, payment terminal and cloakroom.
  • We can accept card payments at a distance and send your receipted invoice by email
  • We have ensured there plenty of anti-bacterial hand gels around the hotel for use.
  • Any magazines, advertising material, brochures, maps etc. that are touched, must be taken away.
  • We are currently unable to store your luggage.



  • Every member of staff is equipped with a mask, disposable gloves and anti-bacterial hand gel.
  • Between each room, gloved hand will be cleansed with anti-bacterial disinfectant.
  • If you return to your room after cleaning, it will only be re-cleaned on demand.
  • When you vacate your room, we ask that you please turn off the heating and open the windows.
  • Clients will not be permitted to stay in their room during the cleaning process.
  • We pay particuliar attention to the cleaning of door handles, switches, taps, remote controls any any other itemsthat may have been handled, with a special anti-bacterial disinfectant.
  • All linen is stored and treated following strict protocols.
  • We will always try to maximise the time between one client leaving and another arriving.



  • Masks must be worn in all communal areas of the hotel.
  • Breakfast is served in the dining room on individual trays. It should be ordered on your arrival for a set time.
  • A member of staff will serve you and clear away.
  • Every tray is disinfected with a special product for food surfaces.
  • Tables and chairs are also disinfected with a special product for food surfaces.
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